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New Vending Machine terrain pieces available from BPLaser

BPLaser gives your little mans what they want, when they want it. Getting hungry during a fight? Grab a Soylent Bar and munch while mowing down enemies.

From the release:

BPLASER has two new tabletop products added to their store:
Vending Machines,
Food, Drink, Money, Ammunition...
Well, That's the basics covered.

This is a Laser cut MDF kit containing 29 parts.
Kit contains one ATM type, two generic types, one Soylent steak vendor, and one Ammunition vending machine.
Vending machines are approx 25mm x 30mm x 50mm


Vending Machines Large:

Need to be on the move?
In a hurry?
Get a Vend-a-Bike!
Affordable, convenient, now with zero safety features .....

Papa's Pizza's
On the go?
Papa's Pizza's are the answer!
Made with factory fresh ingredients!
Flash fried for your immediate consumption!

This is a Laser cut MDF kit containing 11 parts.
Kit contains one Vend-a-Bike! machine and one Papa's Pizza's vending machine