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New US Airborne Platoon Available From Warlord Games

Marching your troops from Point A to Point B isn't always the best way to go. Instead, you can have your platoons jump out of an airplane and land right in the enemy's weak points. That's just what the US was known to do in both Sicily and Normandy during World War II. Now you can get these iconic troops for yourself and add them to your Bolt Action forces, as the new US Airborne Platoon is now available.

The set gives you enough pieces to create 30 models. However, there's plenty of extra pieces to make sure no two troopers are the same. For example, there's 5 each of 15 different heads. There's also plenty of extra weapons, depending on how you want to outfit your platoon. There's also plenty of extra bits in the form of pouches, ammo, holsters, knives, backpacks, and other various gear. There's even a transfer sheet to help your caffeine hands when it comes time to paint them.

You can get yours now over in the Warlord Games webshop.