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New US Airborne and Panzer Kits Available From Warlord Games

The Allies are taking the fight right to the Axis lines. Not content to just go overland to get there, they're dropping troops right into the thick of things. On the other side of the battle line, German tanks are taking up their positions. That's the sort of thing you can recreate on your tabletops when playing Bolt Action, especially with these latest releases now available.

Follow in the footsteps of heroes with the US airborne, now equipped with the late war uniform.
Trained to a very high standard and with extensive combat experience, the American airborne forces were highly-motivated and performed very effectively throughout the Market Garden operation. Lead your troops into combat with exceptional leadership executed by the Airborne officers in this HQ.


The 38(t) was a Czech design (the ‘t’ relating to the German word for ‘Czech’ – ‘tschechisch’) which was adopted for service with the Wehrmacht after the annexation of Czechoslovakia in March 1939.

This box contains:

3 1/56th scale hard plastic Panzer 38(t)s
A Panzer 38(t) stat card, perfect for quick referencing!
A full-colour waterslide decal sheet
An assembly and painting guide
And damage markers for added immersion!