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New Updated Rulebook for Blackwater Gulch Posted

Seems just about everyone is coming out with new editions of rulebooks this week. Or just new rules in general. Getting a new version put online for people to view is a popular activity. And Gangfight Games is getting into the act with an updated version of Blackwater Gulch.

This new rulebook has all the rules for the Beasts and such in it. Also, all the character cards have been updated. So make sure you check out the new version so you can have the most up-to-date references for them.

They have also given a few more details about their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. First off, it looks like it'll be launched sometime mid-August. They'll be getting in some master sculpts of the new models soon and want to have them painted up before the campaign. The campaign will also have new Henchmen for Blackwater Gulch. These will be "generic" characters that you can add to your gang in order to fill out points.

Finally, Gangfight is repackaging their gangs. Now, starters will come with a leader and two professionals, with extra packs available to finish building your gangs from.