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New Updated Kits for Fighters and Bards for Dungeons & Dragons

It's time for another Unearthed Arcana article from Wizards of the Coast. That's where they take some rules they're planning on implementing and sort of put them out there for the masses to check out. This one's bringing a bit of nostalgia back to the game in the form of Kits.

And by that, no, I don't mean baby foxes (though your game could use some more baby foxes in it, I'm sure). For those that remember 2nd Edition, Kits were a way to help differentiate your character from others of the same class. They let you customize your abilities to a form you might like a little better and suit your playstyle. Well, 5th edition is the current one going around, and the developers felt that it could use some Kits. So they updated some for Fighters and Bards for you to try out.