New update to Manorhouse Workshop project on Indiegogo

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 5th, 2013

Manorhouse Workshop has updated their Indiegogo campaign with some new funding levels.

From the update:

Hi to all.

With this new update, we explain two very interesting perks. (the images of models are the basics of encumbrance for the creation of masters)

House Raisers Pack 1 – 85,00 Euro

House Raisers Pack 2 – 140,00 Euro

Those are without doubt the most useful and convenient perks to rapidly build a little village.Their content will allow you to combine in a multitude of ways the house kits.

As you can see from the above pictures, with a Perk from 85,00 Euro and a one from 140,00 Euro you can create a small village in various ways, the combinations are endless.

Now let’s see how you can easily compose the various modules to obtain a group of houses attached one to another, in the typical italian fashion.

Every floor will have an access to the upper and to the lower floor

With the purchase of those 2 perks you will also get the rewards 01 serie, which will give you even more possibilities of combination.

The rewards 01 serie was created precisely to be combined with those 2 perks.

Each added purchase of those 2 perks will get you the possibility to get an additiona rewards 01 serie.

Or, if you prefer, you can get your rewards based on the overall amount of goods purchased, as usual.

Regards, Lorenzo

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  • Bossk_Hogg

    I have no idea what I get with these pledges, or what I can build with each one. It would help to have a sample set up of whatever each pledge is. Like, what does that village pictured require to make?

    • puster

      Reading through it, it seems you need both Perks and get this configuration, so 225 EUR.

      While I am not averse to spending so much money for terrain, and I do know their other works, its hard to justify jumping in with such a sum in a kickstarter.

      I REALLY hope they will create their village, and will very likely get their watermill once its out, but even then I find myself unwilling to spend the money now to get it (perhaps) in 8 month. In addition, small perks carry high shipping costs, while large carry undue risks.

      As much as I would like to see that one succeed, its unlikely to collect the 28000 they ask for. Luckily Manorhouse is a running company that may be able to bring it off – slower, but also surer – without the KS, too.

  • Hi to all.
    soon there will be new images of parts of the models in working progress.

    about our Indiegogo. thanks to wish us of succeed in our project. and thanks for your comments on our products
    we know that our is very important goal at 28,000 euro.
    but, also the our project is very complex.
    among other things, we do not have comparison parameters … we are the first to propose a project like this
    there are perks many less expensive of those from 225,00 euro.
    at the moment we are preparing the various masters, regardless of the success of the project.
    most likely it will take a lot less than 8 months for the first shipments.

    regards, Lorenzo