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New Update Posted for CMON Expo 2016

It's time for another update about things you can expect to find at CMON Expo 2016. This week it's a pair of exhibitors, a pair of guests, and an announcement about some special promo cards for some of your favorite games. So let's take ourselves a look.

For exhibitors, there's both Impudent Mortal and 8th Summit. Impudent Mortal is a maker of fine, laser-etched mdf terrain and gaming accessories (you've seen them in our Terrain Corner a couple times). 8th Summit has made such games as Run Fight or Die, Defenders of the Last Stand, and Till Dawn. Stay tuned for details about Mythos Tales, their next game coming out soon.

For guests, we've got Chaz Maler from Pair of Dice Paradise. He's quite busy, reviewing games for his own YouTube channel as well as doing spots for The Dice tower. We've also got Scott Morris from CritsHappen. He's also the designer of Firefly: Shiny Dice that you may have a copy of.

Finally, there's the announcement from CoolMiniOrNot about a special set of 13 promo cards that will be available at the show. They include special cards for Arcadia Quest, B-Sieged, Rum & Bones, Xenoshyft, Zombicide, and Zombicide: Black Plague. Everyone loves promo cards.

That's it for this week, but stay tuned for more updates for CMON Expo 2016.