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New Update Posted For CMON Expo

We're less than 2 months away from CMON Expo 2016. Things are really starting to get busy over here. Lots of buzz around the office as preparations are solidified. Being Friday, it's time once more for an Expo Update. This time around we've got info about a new contest, a new event, and a new guest.

For contest, that's the CMON Expo 2016 Painting Contest. This is a Crystal Brush Qualifier, so the grand champion gets their choice of $100 CMON credit or their travel paid for to and from Adepticon 2017 for the Crystal Brush Finals.

For new event, that's the Realms Open Championship Super Qualifier that will be taking place at the show. There's actually 3 HeroClix events planned for the show. That's right, the Expo isn't just for CMON events.

Finally, the Guests Page has been updated. Jeff Yu, artist for CMON will be there. You can talk to him all about graphic design and games. Artwork can really make or break a game, and having someone like Jeff around helps make CMON's some of the best out there.

That's it for this week, but stay tuned as we get more updates about the CMON Expo 2016.