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New Unlocks in the UpWorks Kickstarter campaign

UpWorks continues to head through stretch goals in their Ultimate Modular Castle Kickstarter campaign.



From the update:

Amazing $65,000 Stretch Goal UNLOCKED!
We have unlocked an incredible free stretch goal at $65,000. Depending on what Reward Level select, you now receive a HUGE amount of FREE pieces:

-Castle Set Level ($590): FREE Fortress Set is now UNLOCKED! A $295 value!
-Fortress Set Level ($295): FREE Grand Tower Set is now UNLOCKED! A $140 value!
-Grand Tower Set Level ($140): FREE 2-story 2x3 Tower is now UNLOCKED! A $60 value!

This means you now get a tremendous amount of FREE pieces with these Reward Levels. We would like to thank our backers for their excellent feedback which guided us to tweak our stretch goal plan. They have also suggested we make some tweaks to our Curved Tower Pack. We have pulled it from our Add-On Pack offerings now while we consult with the factory on ways to improve the pack and lower its cost. If you have added funding for this Add-On we recommend removing it now until more info is available. Update coming soon.