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New unlocks and stamp previews in Happy Seppuku Kickstarter

Happy Seppuku reached a new stretch goal level and unlocked the diamond pattern stamp. They've also previewed a nautical accessory stamp they're working on.

From the update:

Way to go everybody! So we are actually going to do a bit of a shake up with this update. First we all know this now unlocks the Tile-Diamond pattern that we previewed in Update #9 and we will show the image again here. Also we are changing something up, we had mentioned in a previous update that we were going to try and throw the "I want it all" pledges some bases, we are swapping that, instead we are also with this 20K goal unlocking the Steel- Diamond Plate! And remember "I want it all" gets one of every stamp we create with this Kickstarter, so yes to be clear "I want it all" is getting both stamps we have just unlocked. We looked things over and figure most people would rather have a new stamp over a few extra bases. Also since we launched we have been flooded with requests (both privately and publicly) for more Sci-fi, especially diamond plate. So, we are listening.