New Universal RPG System up on Kickstarter

Anthropos Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for Fantaji, their new universal RPG system. They’re already over their goal, so it’s stretching for 30 days.



From the campaign:

We want to produce a small print run of the universal Fantaji Tabletop Role-Playing System. This will be a full-color, softcover, letter-size book of 140-180 pages. The first 40 pages explain the default system and how to create a character in any genre. The next 100+ pages offer several custom mods that fit the system to specific genres and add new elements to play. You get advice on making the most of the crazy versatile system, world-building tips for fleshing out your settings, game-mastering strategies for running high-octane narratives, and four disparate fantasy settings to help you start adventuring right away. Everything is focused on filling your utility belt with the best tools. While the Fantaji engine runs great right out of the box, the system remains open for customization.

The list of rewards to the right may look overwhelming, but the packages follow a logical order. And each Level is covered below in the picture-menu.