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New Units Available For Beyond the Gates of Antares

The world of Beyond the Gates of Antares is a dangerous one. You'd thing with an entire galaxy to spread out into that there would be plenty for everyone. Not so, as there's still plenty of conflict over resources. And it's not just humans going at it. Several alien races are also joining with the different factions, as well as their robotic constructs. Some of which you can order now.

From the websites:

The Tsan Ra are a race of aliens that are also part of the Isorian Senatex. The Isorians’ advanced hybrid human-alien technology is partly derived from the bio-silicate interface spores of the Tsan Ra’s ancestors, the warlike Tsan Kiri. Their forebears fought a long local-space war against the Isorian Senatex before abandoning their worlds and fleeing none know where.

Isolator or Iso­shields are a kind of force­field bubble that is selectively permeable to the atmosphere, temperature and nanosphere where present. Large, static devices can create isolation zones encompassing entire buildings. Smaller, mobile machines have a correspondingly smaller field size. Iso­drones are general purpose drones fitted with mobile iso­shield generators.

There are any number of situations that the IMTel of the Panhuman Concord deems too dangerous for human troops. Admittedly the military shards of the C3 have some discretion to override the extremes of risk­aversion that dominate the Concord’s civil shards, but even so, there are many reasons why some ventures must be undertaken by machines.

Tsan Ra Command Squad + Tsan Ra Torus Squad Source
Isorian Iso-Drones Source
C3 Drone Commander + C3 Iso-drone Source