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New Undead releases from Mantic

Undead Vampire LordMantic Games have added several new Undead units to their online store. From their announcement:
It’s the last Monday of the month and you all know what that means… June’s new releases are now shipping! This release is a real corker for all of you Undead players who can now add Wraiths, Vampire Soul Reavers and a new Undead Elites Army Set to your collection. The new Wraiths are plastic resin and come complete with a variety of weapons. These ghostly warriors used to be produced in metal, but by switching them to Plastic Resin, we’ve managed to double the quantity you get in the box at no extra cost! The Soul Reaver Vampire Knights on the other hand are a Plastic Resin/Metal hybrid kit with a brand new Vampire champion in the unit. This figure is also available separately. Finally, there’s the brand-spanking new Undead Elites Army Set – the perfect companion to any Undead Army Set or a great way to start an Undead army all on it’s own. With 10 Plastic Resin Revenant Knights and 5 new Plastic Resin Wraiths, the kit also contains Ghouls, Revenants and a catapult!