New Undead pre-orders available from Games Workshop

By Polar_Bear
In Age of Sigmar
Sep 8th, 2014

Games Workshop has added some new undead minis to their pre-orders over in their webshop.

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  • blkdymnd

    Not impressed with the Spirit Hosts, but the skeleton things are kinda cool, if not normal GW over the top a bit.

    • odinsgrandson

      They are filled with skulls.

      When will GW finally release the skull golem I’ve been waiting for?

      I’m on the other side about the spirit hosts, though. I think they are definitely a huge step up from the previous version.

      • Soulfinger

        The spirit hosts look like Wood Elf Dryads painted a different color. Maybe they are undead dryads, but to quote Al Bundy, “Hey! Everything looks like noodles in here!”

        And the Blood Doom Death things . . . why do half of the new undead have skulls in their tummies? Did they eat the skulls? Are they sustained by skulls? Do the internal organs become skulls when people die? Would we mistake them for orcs without the extra skull power? Is the stuff coming out of their wings a skull bowel movement? Is GW catching up on its skull quota? Does the new book include rules for armies of skulls fighting on a battlefield of skulls?

        It would be cool to do a conversion of one filled with clavicles.

        • KelRiever

          It has been known since the Realm of Battle boards have been out that Skulls like just beneath the surface. It is a natural resource in their world, much like oil, and skulls keep things going from the heat in your home to fueling your dwarven whirlybird thing which has no magic yet can’t work possibly in the physical universe.

          That Warhammer world hadn’t made sense, even for Fantasy, for a very long time.

  • Disgruntled Goat

    I wish the spirit hosts had looked like that back when I was playing. The new ones look angry and scary, unlike the old floating “booooo” versions.

    • Myrthe

      I agree. MUCH better sculpts and I really like the way they convey a sense of swirling movement.

  • mweaver

    I quite like the new spirit hosts. The other guys, not so much.

  • Tamwulf

    The Spirit Hosts are interesting (never really looked too closely or saw the old ones in person, so…).

    The Morghasts look awesome! I’d love to add a unit of these guys to my army, but I’m scared of the price.

    As far as the skulls are concerned- hey, they are a Natural Resource and commodity used by all the races of the Warhammer world. I’m sure if the Empire had a Stock Exchange, this would be the most traded/highest valued commodity traded on it (even more than Gold!).