New Uncharted Seas previews

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Aug 19th, 2011

Spartan Games have posted previews of the 3D sculpts for three upcoming Uncharted Seas vessels – the Imperial Human Hawk Cruiser, the Bone Griffon Sea Wraith Class Cruiser and the Shroud Mage Enigma Class Flagship.

Imperial Human Hawk Cruiser

  • antenociti

    Human ship is gorgeous, Bone Griffon is wonderful too, Shroud Mage ship is horrid (detail overkill).

    Human ship almost deserves etch-brass sails and rigging, wonderful shape to its hull… the anchor is a bit cheesy though (looks fake, iykwim), would look much nicer at the front, or a seperate piece.

    • cybogoblin

      If they’d only used the constellations on the Shroud Mage ship and not the random stars they might look a bit better.