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New Uncharted Seas and Firestorm Armada releases

Spartan Games have announced four new releases, shipping June 1st, 2011, for Firestom Armada and Uncharted Seas.

Rense System Navy Siren class Escort
With a Point Defence (PD) rating of 4 the Siren Class Escort is all about stopping incoming weapons from getting through to the vessel it is escorting, which in most instances is the RSN Banshee Dreadnought.

Rense System Navy Phoenix class Destroyer
This vessel is a good all rounder, capable of laying down weapons fire to all arcs. Its killing potential, however, comes from a central weapons system that is powerful out to Range Band 4, and at its most lethal at Range Band 3. Fixed Fore Torpedoes add to its killing prowess, making the Phoenix a useful weapon to any player that likes to take it head first to an enemy.

Imperial Human Kingfisher Class Cruiser
The Kingfisher class was designed by an Arkos captain, retrofitting equipment from their existing Terkash hunting ships onto a Heavy Cruiser hulls for use in battle. Since its introduction the massive harpoon gun and large crew have proven to be a potent weapon for dragging in and boarding enemies both on the sea and in the air.

Dragon Lords Arcane Class Cruiser
Some of the greater Dragonlord families can afford to equip their Cruiser squadrons with highly skilled wizards to provide enhanced magical support in battle. The power of their castings break through mystical defences making them a valued asset against fleets with strong anti-magic and they also carry a supply of short ranged firebolt scrolls for use in close combat.