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New Toughest Girls of the Galaxy update posted

Raging Heroes posted another huge update on how things are progressing for the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy.


From the post:

In this Update:

It's a Long Way to the Top if you want to rock'n roll (Production Update)
It's Showtime (First Wave Now Coming)
Delivering the Goods (Production Images)
Looks That Kill (New Heroine Renders)
Big Guns (Artillery)
Freewheel Burning (Jailbirds' Bikes and Trike)
Photograph (Photos of 3D prints)
Got to Choose (Updated Drop Ship Page and Pledge Manager)
Ace of Spades (Visit of our Concept Artist)
Princess of the Dawn (Sisters and Dark Elves)
Revelations (Behind-the-Scenes Video Hangouts)