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New Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Update

Raging Heroes gives us another update on how things are progressing with their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter.



From the update:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you think you should have received some of your TGG models by now, please make sure you read the “WHERE'S MY STUFF?” section of this update, as you may have missed some of our previous info about shipping...
In this Update:

(… and errrr... please be warned... Harry the Hippo has liberally sprinkled backers' feedback throughout this Update...):

-New Renders
-Where are we on Wave 2?
-What else is happening?
-The TGG Behind Bars?
-Reprinting Doctor von X...
-3D prints + Upgrading the Freebies
-Harry's Chronicles (part 1) – The Live Chat is Still Live!
-Harry's Chronicles (part 2) – “Where's my stuff?”
-Harry's Chronicles (part 3) – Video Reviews + Links to Web Reviews
-Harry's Chronicles (part 4) – Packing, Shipping, and Bases, too
-Harry's Chronicles (part 5) – Beer Coasters, too!
-New Concept Art for the Upcoming Sisters of Eternal Mercy