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New Tony DiTerlizzi Masterworks Releases at Dark Sword Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures has posted up their last releases for the year over on their site. They include 16 new figures from the Tony DiTerlizzi Masterworks Series. Tom Meier and Dave Summers did the sculpting on most of the minis. Click through for a video presentation of the new figures. Along with that, Dark Sword is letting us know what we can be expecting from them in the coming year.

Next year you can expect new creatures as part of the GRRM Masterworks line, as well as more figures as part of the DiTerlizzi Masterworks lines. New Visions in Fantasy will also be getting new figures. Stephanie Law is currently doing some art pieces that will eventually be turned into miniatures as well. There's also a "big project" that we will have to wait until mid-year to find out about (the teases that they are).