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New Tom Meier sculpts and previews from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have released several new sculpts from Tom Meier and also have new painted previews on their website. From their announcement:
I wanted to let you all know that we have a bunch of updates on the Dark Sword site for your viewing pleasure. First up we have a couple new Tom Meier sculpts for the Game of Thrones GRRM Masterworks miniature line. 1. Fat King Robert (before he headed out on a boar hunt) 2. Tywin Lannister I think you will agree that our vision of Fat King Robert does the books proper justice. He still looks like he could open up a serious can of hurt on almost anyone in Westeros. In regards to Tywin Lannister, Tom just went to town on all of the amazing armor and little details around the armor. We also have a bunch of new painted pictures posted up from Marike Reimer, Jen Haley, Rhonda Bender and Susan Wachowski that you need to see.