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New Thunderbirds RPG And Accessories Available From Modiphius

So, who out there has been enjoying the Thunderbirds board game from creator Matt Leacock? Hopefully a bunch of you just raised your hands (which would be cool if you were just sitting in your cubicle at work and randomly raised your hand). Well, what about branching out from the board game to a full RPG in the Thunderbirds universe? Well, that's just what Modiphius is bringing you (along with some other, cool extra things for the games as well).

Players in the RPG take on the role of the titular Thunderbirds as they continually work to save lives all across the globe as part of International Rescue. The RPG book contains stats for all the major Thunderbirds characters, as well as their iconic vehicles. Go from the depths of the oceans to the vacuum of outer space in your quest to undo the horrors of Hood. The RPG uses components from the board game, so you'll need to get a copy of that first in order to play. Speaking of board game components, Modiphius has released a set of d6 to go along with it as well as a pack of 6 Devious Schemes cards to further expand your gaming experience.