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New Through the Breach Penny Dreadful One Shot Available

Orphanages already aren't all sunshine and roses, and ones in the Malifaux world are just that much worse (being a sort of Dickensian-Burtonesque-Steampunk-Nightmare of a world that it is). Well, apparently the Dogsend Childrens Workshouse (definitely not to be confused with the Children's Television Workshop) is even worse than others, as kids just keep up and disappearing for no adequately-explained reason.

It it into this situation that your characters will find themselves in the latest Penny Dreadful One-Shot Adventure for Through The Breach. It is up to you to find out what's happening to the children before another disappears, or you disappear, or everything disappears, or some other horrific thing happens via creepy claws and monocles.

You can pick up your copy now.