New Thirty Years War flags from Battle Flag

Vastgota Cavalry flagsBattle Flag have released new wargaming flags for the Thirty Years War.

From their announcement:
It has been extremely busy here at Battle Flag for the last week or so. That busy in fact that I have had to buy another printer, to run in tandem, to ensure that the orders get out on time. Even with several large orders to fulfill the second printer has ensured that we are still getting individual customers orders off to them within 24 hrs.

Working into the wee small hours, over the past weekend, this week sees the release of 9 new wargame flags for the Thirty Years War on the now familiar 3 flag sheet collectors’ sheet.

The Swedish generals out there will be pleased to see the release of the Vastgota Cavalry, Mitschefall Infantry and the Saxe-Weimar Infantry sets of wargame flags in both 25mm and 15mm.

As always other sizes are available upon request.