New Terran Federal Army releases from Khurasan

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Jan 7th, 2011

Khurasan Miniatures have added more 15mm Terran Federal Army miniatures to their online store. This new set of releases includes vehicle crews, the DIMOG Armoursuit Mark 1 and the Siler Heavy Tank.

DIMOG Armorsuit

  • Tomas

    Love these models. Anyone know any good game to use them with?

    • Zac

      Tomorrow’s War from Ambush Alley is a good system

  • We’re actually working with Khurasan to release Tomorrow’s War “stats” for all their science fiction figures. Jon at Khurasan puts stuff out faster than we can keep up, though!

    I love these Fed figures and I’m definitely going to field an army using them.

    Ambush Alley Games

  • Tomas