New TerrainlinX terrain sets from WorldWorksGames

WorldWorksGames have released two new TerrainlinX terrain sets; Mayhem: Armoury #2 – Apartments and Thoumont’s TLX Edition.

From their website:

Thoumont’s TLX Edition
Tired of buying countless buildings for your medieval township? Frustrated that you can’t take your players into those structures in a realistic/porportional way? 1, 2, 4, 10 story building required? Rooms of all shapes and sizes? Completely modular/build everything on the fly? Modular roofing and attic spaces? Stores flat for transport? Silhouette SD & Craftrobo auto-cutter compatible?

Our rebooted Thoumont’s TLX Edition structure makes all of the above possible thanks to WorldWorksGames groundbreaking TerrainlinX modular terrain system. We’ve taken fantasy building construction to a whole new level. Gone are the days of static lay-outs and one-shot buildings. With Thoumont’s TLX Edition you can create any building you desire – on the fly. Even with fully detailed and fully modular interiors. The only limit you will encounter is your own imagination.

Mayhem: Armoury #2 – Apartments TLX
Kill zombies, scavenge for supplies, fortify your complex, turf wars, or engage in an epic murder mystery! Following up on the re-release of Mayhem Armoury #1 in TerrainLinx format comes set #2: Mayhem Apartments! More than a simple adaptation, this set represents a massive shift in modern gaming potential! Mayhem Apartments let’s you create virtually any (slightly neglected) modern living space, from walk-ups to bungaloes to town-houses, even enormous tenement blocks! The only limit is your imagination (and your table top surface area)!