New terrain range From Simply 6

Simply 6 has released the first terrain pieces in their new historical terrain range.

La Belle Alliance

From their announcement:

We are proud to announce that the very first building from our Historical Range is ready to go.

Those that have pre-ordered will be receiving theirs shortly, if you have not already ordered then why not do so now… Maybe pick up a few other items and take advantage of the free shipping offer? Like all the other lines, this first piece, La Belle Alliance is available painted and unpainted.

But wait there is more!

All of the Historical Range pieces will be available at a collector’s standard of painting. Not only will it be painted with incredible attention to detail, each one will come on a handmade base ready to place on the gaming table – making each one truly unique.
More details of this to follow, but for those of you that have been following the HOOGY project over at the 6mm forum.

Then you know what kind of care will be lavished on these extra special pieces. Why not join our fan club and stay up to date with all the latest at Simply 6.