New Terrain from Architects of War

Architects of War have released a 28mm Bombed House terrain piece.

Bombed House

From their announcement:

This week, we are pleased to introduce the first of our many buildings to come, the 28mm Bombed House. It’s 11 x 9 x 7 inches, comes in only 7 pieces and includes a removable roof, a piece of “glass” and a sheet of pictures and wallpaper.

Broken table, shattered window, bathroom sink, toilet, scattered bottles, fallen plaster, cracked walls, opening door, crooked chimney , removable second story floors, torn curtains, blasted couch, hanging pictures, baseboards, rug, broken chair , rubble, shutters, and more. Cast in our new easy to paint resin with metal parts. This product is 100% dolphin free. Lots of places to put figures. The price is $80usd and is available in our web store now.

Also, this week, we are releasing our much requested 28mm Dry Stone Wall set. These are the same stacked stone walls used in our Historicon Black Powder game run by the Perry brothers and John Stallard. Each stone is individually sculpted and the walls interlock. Not your typical cast pile of kitty litter! This set works with our current Overgrown Stone Wall set and is the second set in an extensive series of walling to come. You get 34 inches of dry stone wall in four easy to paint resin sections plus two end pieces.

Works for many periods. The price is $50 and is available in our web store now.

The instructions for both the above kits, as well as several other How To PDFs, can be found on our website as free downloads.

We have also received a mighty big box of Little Big Men Studios shield transfers and flags that compliment the figure lines we currently carry. We will get these up in the web store as soon as possible.

Architects of War is the Exclusive North American distributor for Gripping Beast and Battle Flag. We also carry Perry Miniatures plastics, Warlord Games, and a variety of scenery and hobby supplies. Architects of War products are always available in Europe from Warlord Games.