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Jan 5th, 2011

Spiral Games is a new UK-based manufacturer of terrain.

Swamp Combo Deal

From their announcement:

Welcome to Spiral Games. We are a small company based in the UK. Our goal is to make terrain for miniature wargames which will be quick and easy to assemble and get you plenty of terrain on the table. We do not pretend to do the best looking terrain in the world, but we offer a solution which could have you battling for a whole city within an afternoon.

The buildings we will make will be modular within their ranges, and assemble into larger constructions. They are made out of durable, special type of expanded polystyrene, meaning that they will take a beating and still stand up, unlike card terrain. If you want to modify them then there will be even more options of construction.

  • Robert

    Interesting but very cost-prohibitive to check out in the US – 25 pounds sterling for shipping and handling for three buildings is very painful for a trial of a new product.

    • BlazeXI

      We in Europe have the same problem when ordering from the States.

      The Swamp buildings look good, but I will waint until something suitable for Freebooter’s Fate (or possibly Cutlass) shows up.

  • Agreed, they need NA distribution for us to be a market

  • Bundybear

    The online shop wont even open up for me to check the prices or shipping costs.

    Also, what scale are these for?

    • Zac

      80mm high on average so its not for 15mm 🙂

  • blackfang

    Printed foamcore is a pretty good idea for budget terrain… so what’s with the premium price?

  • Space Ghost

    I like the idea, I really do. We need more terrain like this for 28mm, but $100 for 3 plastic buildings makes this a no sale.

  • Space Ghost

    I mean, really, really love the concept …. aaaargggh, but the price is too high!

  • MikeH

    They look interesting buildings and I imagine they will be great for my malifaux games but the pictures make the building detail look a bit flat and undefined. I’d also be interested to see if they have any internal detail so you could place figures inside

    I would love to see them in the flesh so will look out for them at shows

  • Osbad

    A good idea, and I always welcome new entries into the market, but for me too the quality doesn’t justify the price. I can get virtually the same quality by printing out a (free) pdf paper building and sticking it onto foamcore backing for a tiny fraction of the price.


  • scarletsquig

    Not even close to being worth the price compared to stuff like the perry’s farmhouse (closest thing I could think of to these).

    Better to go with PDF terrain if you have time or wait for worldwork’s terraclips if you don’t, for a similar result.

  • Thank you for all the comments. As I am just starting out these are very helpful.

    I have reduced the carriage costs, so should be cheaper getting to the US. I had planned to do this, but forgotten. Unfortunately there is always an inherent cost in this.

    They are intended to be all for 28mm scale. There is so much out there for smaller scales I wanted something bigger. They are made using a very durable product called Foamex (the comercial name). This stuff is much tougher than foamcore or card. I have had the prototype and broken it apart 7-8 times, thrown it around, and it still looks good. This stuff will last.

    I love the worldworks PDFs, they do lovely artwork. The problem I had with them is the time it takes to print and cut them out. In fact I love all the beautiful terrain out there. The problem I have is that I cannot make and paint it in my spare time. Any time I do have, I want to paint my models (there are so many!). With these buildings you could get 3 of them and put them together in 5 minutes, and they are ready for the table. They just stick together, and you could put them apart afterward if you want.

    There is no internal detail. With the roofs and the fact they are stackable I didnt want to add to the cost by getting double sided printing.

    Please check back, since we are working on different styles, and the 30% deal is running for 2 weeks.

    • spiralgames thanks for replying with the extra detail

      one thing I didn’t realise from the news item or from your site that these are printed in colour onto the Foamex. I thought I was looking at a completed painted up building and that they were cast in a similar way to resin buildings

      in fact I thought they were similar to buildings a firm called Pardulon produce, that’s why I raised the lack of definition

      ok so as these are printed products then you could market them in another way:-

      1) highlight the fact they are ready to use from the box
      2) if they are modular and can be assembled quickly show that on the site (maybe record a quick video)
      3) point out they are flat pack and can be disassembled after use, so less storage space needed

      as a gamer these are things that I think are strengths in what you are producing and moves you away from standard resin buildings (which once assembled take up a lot of space) or pdf’s which are fragile and again take up space once assembled (I know I have a pile of battered and broken worldwork games buildings)

      good luck with the company I would still like to see them before I buy them but I’m more interested now then I was before



      • Thanks for the reply. After reading the comments I actually realised that a video would really help. I am hoping to get a couple done next week to show how they go together and how they can be taken apart. I can also show how they are modular.

  • I’ve always printed on 8.5×11″ shipping labels then attached world work components to black foam board prior to construction. Same result!