New terrain and bases from Micro Art

By tgn_admin
In Accessories
Aug 31st, 2011

Micro Art Studio have released a new terrain set as well as several new sets of themed bases.

  • Space Ghost

    I wouldn’t mind getting some of those guard towers, but they don’t appear to be sold separately from the barracks …..

  • Lovin’ the new terrain. Gotta’ start makin’ some tables for Infinity.

  • entil_zar

    I Love the new mosaic bases, when MA makes some round-lipped too they’ll become my new default for Warmachine (fortunately MA treats almost all base typs equal…take that scribor ;.p )

    As for the barracks….are those 2 barracks and a tower for 25 Euros or just 3 Barracks?
    Anyway this stuff is just plain awesome and for this price a real bargain…thump sold to the fat nerd in the third row!

    • Talarius

      according to the store it’s 2 barracks and a tower. I like the paint scheme for these. Pretty sweet terrain!