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New Terra-Block products available now from Sally 4th

Sally 4th has expanded their Terra-Block terrain kits with some new accessories like metal doors and ramps.


From the release:

This week, Sally 4th has added 8 additional pieces to their multi-purpose, multi-genre Terra-Block terrain range. The pieces added include futuristic metal single and double doors, platform level single and double door openings and stone tile finished ramps and platforms. All of the pieces are interchangeable with the rest of the Terra-Block range so wooden doors can be removed from door openings and swapped out with metal ones to achieve a different look.

The ramps and doors are particularly suitable for representing contemporary, near future or science fiction industrial or storage facilities.

Terra Block Ramp, Stone Pair - £4.00
Terra Block Platform, Stone - £4.00
5cm x 10cm double height wall with platform level double opening - £5.00
Single Door, style 2, 'metallic' - £4.50
Double Door, style 3,metalic - £4.00
5cm square double wall, platform level opening - £4.50
5cm Stone Platform - £4.00
5cm Wood Platform - £4.00