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New Terminator Genisys Characters Available from Warlord Games

Terminator Genisys opened up in theaters over the weekend. I was busy cooking and didn't head out to see it. Did anybody here? If so, what did you think? For those that have also played the game, designed by River Horse and released by Warlord Games, how do you feel the game matches up to the movie? Does it give that same "Terminator Feel" as the films? Well, one iconic thing about the film series is the set of memorable characters. You can now bring more of those to your minis game.

The three new figures are Guardian Terminator, John Connor (adult version), and Sarah Connor (1984 version).
You can order yours now from the Warlord Games website and they'll be shipping out to you as soon as they get into stock.

That 4th mini in the featured image is a plastic version of the Kyle Reese figure you can get from Warlord in the War Against the Machines box set.