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New Terminator Buzzer and Spider Dog From Warlord Games

The machines will stop at nothing to destroy all of humanity. Skynet has made that its prime goal. Then, afterward, it will... uh... Well, it's gotta finish step 1 before it can move on to step 2, right? In order to do that, two new weapons are coming out for the Terminators side for the Terminator: Genisys game from Warlord Games. They're the Buzzer and the Spider Dog

The Buzzers, being a hovering robot, are able to get across any type of terrain quickly and efficiently, bringing a powerful shot to your forces. That's not to say that the Spider Dog isn't maneuverable, though. Whether you arm either with plasma gun, flamethrower, or missile launcher, you're sure to take the fight right to the human resistance.

Along with the two figures, there's also a free-to-download scenario for the game.