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New Tau Tiger Shark Available to Order From Forge World

It wouldn't be Games Workshop if there weren't multiple versions of vehicles and units. In this case, you've previously had the Tau Tiger Shark AX-1-0, but you've not had the "standard issue" Tiger Shark. Well, that's what you're getting this week (like getting the Special Theory of Relativity before you get the General Theory of Relativity... actually, it's nothing like that, I just wanted to type out Relativity). If you want a Tau Tiger Shark, you can put your order in now.

From the release:

Capable of fulfilling complex multi-role missions, Tiger Sharks have weapon bays loaded with skyspear missiles and swarms of Tactical Drones, the latter of which can be disgorged at low altitude to offer vital reinforcements to Fire Caste warriors. Many a close-fought struggle has become a glorious victory with the arrival of Drone support, or a salvo of well-aimed ordnance. The standard weapon load-out for a Tiger Shark includes a pair of ion cannon and missile pods, allowing the Tiger Shark to unleash a deadly series of strafing attacks against ground-based targets; whilst others are armed with swiftstrike railguns capable of busting open thick armour plating of any enemy vehicles that threaten their mission.