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New Tau Stormsturge Suit Available to Pre-Order from Games Workshop

You know, sometimes it hits me just how long I've been gaming. Now, I'm not one of the "real old-timers" who can tell you about when they got their brand-new Red or White box D&D sets. But I do remember when the Tau were released for 40k (heck, back when I started, Tyranids were still the "new kids on the block" ... and you could go listen to New Kids on the Block). Well, the Tau are getting some new releases, one of which is pretty big. It's the Stormsurge suit.


The Tau always did sort of have an "anime" feel to them, if you ask me. This goes along with that. This figure would fit in well with my various Gundam models that I have at home. Though I think this has even more weapons than even a Heavy Arms comes with. As usual, there's about a hundred different ways you can put the figure together, considering all the optional weapons and other bits the kit comes with.

Orders are being taken now over in the GW webshop.