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New Tau Battlesuit Available to Order from Games Workshop

The Tau battlesuits just keep on coming. Seems the faction is tired of getting punched in the face and has decided to go for some up-armoring. Games Workshop has started taking orders for the new Ghostkeel (in the shell?) Battlesuit over in their webshop. Being a ghost, it's all about stealth. You need good technology to make something like this stealthy. Seems you'd probably be able to hear it coming, but what do I know?


As is usual for GW kits, this model has lots of extra bits and bobs you can put on it, along with a whole variety of weapons to outfit it with. For example, there's two different head styles, two different pilots you can put inside, and around 7 different weapon pieces. There's 116 pieces, total, and the figure comes on a 105mm base.