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New Tank And A Theater Book Bundle Deal For Bolt Action From Warlord Games

Two related items coming from Warlord Games today in relation to Bolt Action. First off they've got a new tank, the IS3, also know as "the most powerful tank in the world" available to order. They've also bundled together a bunch of their Theater Books and are selling them at a single price.

Starting out there's the Russian IS3 (which stood for Iosef Stalin 3). It barely saw any action in the war, as it was created in 1945. The west was mostly wrapped up, but it was used over in the east against Japanese forces there. Most Westerners only got to see it in parades, but they were rather impressed. It was armed with a 121.9mm D-25T series main gun and the armor and hull were all cutting-edge design for tanks.

As for the book bundle, they've taken and put together the Battleground Europe, Duel in the Sun, Empires in Flames, Germany Strikes, and Ostfront books and are offering them at a single price. You get a little bit of everything in there, just about no matter what portion of the war you want to play out on your tabletop.

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