New Talisman: Sacred Pool preview posted

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a new preview of the upcoming Talisman: Sacred Pool expansion.

From their website:

The Sacred Pool, the latest expansion for Talisman, will be on store shelves soon! So far, we’ve looked at the sinister Magus and the glorious Chivalric Knight. Today, let’s look deeper into the motivations of these (and indeed all) Talisman heroes, as we peer into their very souls for a discussion of character alignment.

For players, alignment is Talisman is a concept that while deep in its thematic implications, can be easily overlooked mechanically. Many players seldom even think about their character’s alignment until they land on the Chapel, draw Mephistopheles, or encounter some similar obstacle. With The Sacred Pool, alignment comes to the forefront of your quest for the Crown of Command. Players can switch alignments, influence opponents’ motivations, and even affect the outcome of the entire game, all with the abundance of new alignment-centered choices coming in this exciting expansion!