New TAG freebie figures, Spanish Wives

The Assault Group have added a new set of Spanish Wive figures to their list of freebie miniatures.

From their website:

As of today I have added the two new Spanish Wife miniatures to our ever-growing list of Freebie Miniatures.
Normally it takes an order of over £33.00 to get a free mini from the list, but from today and until the last day of May this year we will be adding extra Wives to all orders which contain at least one ordinary pack of ‘Spanish Century’ miniatures.
Orders over the normal £33.00 rate will or course still get an extra mini, and if you would like, we can ensure that you get both of these individually sculpted, limited edition models. As always, please state your choice in the ‘Customer Comments’ box at the check-out of the web-cart.