New Sylvaneth And General’s Handbook Available For Age of Sigmar

By Polar_Bear
In Age of Sigmar
Jul 4th, 2016

They are the Sylvaneth. They speak for the trees.
Mostly because a lot of them are trees. Or, at least, they’re partially-trees. You know, dryads and other things like that. And they’re certainly marching to war with a whole bunch of new releases over in the Games Workshop webshop.

I did say there was a whole bunch of them. From Branchwyches to Kurnoth Hunters to Drycha Hamadreth to Alarielle the Everqueen. You’ve got the Battletome as well as a “how to paint” guide. There’s even dice (because everyone loves having dice that match their army).

And tucked there in the corner is also the General’s Handbook, which gives you new options for playing Age of Sigmar such as matched play and campaigns.


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  • crazytuco

    Well, to me at least, those look terrible.

    But then again, I’m one of those people who used to really enjoy The Old World and its overall aesthetic, so maybe I’m not the target demographic here.

    • Ghool

      This is the first GW stuff I’ve actually liked in years. Enough that I plan on getting one of the new AoS big models just to paint.
      Considering I haven’t liked their aesthetic since the 90’s, that’s saying a lot.

  • Trent

    I haven’t played a GW game in years, because I think their games suck. But I think these *minis* look fantastic! I can see the blend of Old World with WoW influences. And I think it would be easy to paint it in a more subdued low fantasy scheme if that’s your thing. How I wish GW made games as good as their minis!

  • odinsgrandson

    I’ve been working with a lot of their recent plastic kits, and there have definitely been some improvements.

    One thing, though- I really wanted to see a small character model among their new releases. There have been a lot of rumors that they’re going to include Warhammer Quest rules with all their new plastic characters that aren’t too large for the game, and I want to see if that’s the case/whether they’re including rule cards with the minis/online or as part of their paid extras in their app.


      I don’t know what loyal Games Workshop customers think any more, but I don’t believe I will ever buy one of those monopose infantry characters they sell now for around $25 each.

      • odinsgrandson

        Fair enough. I actually think that monopose tends to be better (just look at what Malifaux can do with them).

        And the GW characters are priced between $10 (reasonable) and $35 (unreasonable).

        I don’t play Age of Sigmar, but some of their heroes and minis are quite nice to paint up.

        Mostly, I’m curious about the rumored support for Warhammer Quest. GW has an opportunity to make it a game that they support rather than one more of their one-offs that gets abandoned pretty quick.

        • PRAY FOR MOJO

          I think the only $10 characters you see are the “finecast” resin models that haven’t been replaced with hard plastic yet. Now a single plastic Ork painboy is $26, when five plastic Nobs (an older kit) cost $25.

          In this release, you can pick up a Branchwych for $23. They might make Warhammer Quest rules for that one. For curiosity’s sake, I downloaded the app, which allows you to buy additional rules with microtransactions. There are a bunch of models supported. My guess is we’ll see a couple of Sylvaneth in there next week.

          I think the monopose characters work better for Malifaux because so many of those characters are unique, and it’s just a skirmish game. However, Games Workshop games are for spamming the same model multiple times, with different options. Their photoshop copy-and-pasted no-discount bundles encourage it. But I do not want to assemble multiple copies of the same thing. The dynamic poses are nice once, but they make conversions harder.

          • odinsgrandson

            Yeah, I can see what you mean with monopose GW vs other companies.

            Actually, the $10 characters are plastic- but I do believe they all came out before AoS (off the top of my head, the Necromancer, Wight King, and a couple Goblin characters are all $10- I would expect some of the older Dwarfs and lizardmen to be in that price range in plastic).

            The thing with GW prices is that they often look bad when compared to themselves. They have some pretty decent deals- mostly the “core units” end up around $4 per mini. Then they have similar minis packaged at the same price for half as many minis, and singles (as you pointed out) packaged at the same price as units.