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New supplement for Pike & Shot & Zombies

Rotting Renaissance RegimentsAB One Games have released the Rotting Renaissance Regiments supplement for their Pike & Shot & Zombies rules. From their announcement:
AB One Games have just released - Rotting Renaissance Regiments - the third gaming supplement for the Pike & Shot & Zombies rules. It contains four new scenarios, new event cards and a whole bunch of new zombie types to try out. There is also a section on converting your Renaissance figures into menacing, mouldy musketeers as seen on the front cover. Now please don’t be alarmed by the sight of gun-totting zombies on the front of this supplement. We are not suggesting that these undead beasts have the wit to use these weapons properly. We are not messing with the time-honoured notion of mindless flesh-eating zombies.
Rest assured, these zombies are still mindless and still flesh eating. Its just that some of them are still clinging to the weapons that they once used in life. If these guns are fired, they are most likely to miss, or hit another zombie and in any case the gun is probably being held the wrong way round. And as for the chances of reloading - you can forget it. Rotting Regiments describes the final descent of once proud and powerful regiments as the terrible undead plague finally takes hold. As the last shreds of humanity ebb away a residue of former prowess remains. Will these accursed warriors manage one final flourish of military excellence before the all consuming hunger for human flesh takes hold? All that the living can bank on is that the battle for survival remains desperate and unremitting - and is not made any easier by the arrival of Rotting Renaissance Regiments.