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New Supplement and Starter Armies For Black Powder Available To Order From Warlord Games

Napoleon went a little bit of everywhere across Europe during his conquests. Historians break down his movements into different campaigns, each with their own dynamics on the battlefield and political intrigue. Warlord Games' Black Powder looks to let you recreate each of those on the tabletop. Their new book, Albion Triumphant: The Peninsular War, specifically looks at the Flanders and Peninsular Campaigns. Along with those, there's new British and French starter armies to make sure that your troops are in the right uniforms and armed correctly for those campaigns.

Chronicling the Flanders and Peninsular Campaigns during the Napoleonic Wars, Albion Triumphant covers the battles involving British forces. Of course, it also looks at the French, Spanish and Portugese in depth too! This full-colour 112 page supplement is full of army lists, scenarios, and background and is available now!

As you’ve come to expect from Warlord Games book launches, we will be giving away an exclusive miniature when you buy Albion Triumphant from us!

The special edition miniature will be sent for free with any purchase of the book directly from us at Warlord (via the webstore, over the phone or in person at shows – you can even drop in to see us at the Warlord HQ store and pick yours up in person!)


The Portuguese and English clash against the French and her allies. Muster your forces with these new Napoleonic Peninsular campaign starter armies!