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New Super Dungeon Explore Releases Available From Ninja Division

Ninja Division decided to take the figures from Ninja All-Stars and bring them into the Super Dungeon Explore world. With all the different clans, that was going to take some time. Well, the next one is ready to hit the field. It's Clan Tanchyo, and there's several extra heroes to pick up as well.

From the announcement:

New reinforcements arrive in Kagejima for both the Dark Consul and the Goddess. With last month's Clan Kitsune releases it is now possible to play a 100% Kagejima-themed game!

Clan Tanchyo makes it way to the realm of Crystalia as a new warband for Super Dungeon! Clan boxes feature dynamic and unique sculpts for players' favorite characters. These powerful teams are now playable in Super Dungeon as warbands, Heroes, mini-bosses, and minions! The Tanchyo have close ties to the many spirits of the air and earth that inhabit their forests. They view it as their sacred duty to defend the deep forest from the encroachment of human culture, keeping it pristine for later generations.