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New Super Dungeon Explore Pre-Orders Available From Soda Pop Miniatures

Soda Pop Miniatures loves to do crossovers. They look to their other properties, as well as other popular games and integrate them into their games. It's cool to see characters you love from one game making their way into others. In this case, they have started taking pre-orders for the Twilight Knight from Kingdom Death, as well as Takoashi schoolgirls as characters for Super Dungeon Explore.

From the announcements:

The adventurous girls of Takoashi have barely gotten into summer, and already they want to go back to school! Schooling monsters that is! These adventurous ladies come fully equipped, complete with hero card, cast in luxurious resin. Available for pre-order now, or you can stop by and see us at Gencon, booth #2827, and get yours then.

Soda Pop Miniatures, in partnership with Kingdom Death, present this re-sculpted and remastered Twilight Knight for Super Dungeon Explore. This miniature is re-sculpted from the ground up, with decorative base, cast in high quality resin. Updated 2.0 Super Dungeon Hero card included. Pre-orders are going up now, and will only be available on shows, and direct from our store.