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New Stretch Goals and Add-Ons for Zombicide: Black Plague

The Zombicide Kickstarter keeps chugging along. The campaign continues to make it through new stretch goals, adding more value to your pledge. There's also more extras to add-on, if you feel the need to get everything (I know how that feels all too well).

For Stretch Goals, there's a new Elf Survivor here to help take down the hordes of zombies. And hey, look, some more NPC zombies to take out as well.


Speaking of NPC zombies, the new add-on gives you another set to add to your game. More than just mere extra zombies, the NPC zombies actually are ones to hunt down during the game. Defeating them can end up in getting you new gear from the vaults in the game.
New gear for that's coming in a future stretch goal, by the way. So if you want that, you'd better pledge, or find some friends who haven't yet that need to get in on the action.