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New Storm of Magic Advance Orders

Games Workshop have added several new Storm of Magic products to their Advance Orders page. Lammasu From their announcement:
We've now got even more Storm of Magic miniatures and accessories available for you to Advance Order. In Storm of Magic your wizards get more Power Dice, so a bucketful is always useful for playing your games. There are eight separate sets available, one for each of the different Lores of Magic. So if you're a fan of the Lore of Beasts, you can buy a set of eight specific Lore of Beasts dice, with matching symbols. You can also buy a mixed set containing one of each Lore of Magic. Don't forget, all of the dice sets are only available while stocks last - once they're gone, they're gone. In addition to the dice, there are even more monsters and wizards available for you to Advance Order now, from the Lammasu, Cold One, Fenbeast, and Great Taurus, to the Dark Emissary and Truthsayer - they're all back, and this time in highly detailed Citadel Finecast. What's more, they can all be bound - which means in games of Storm of Magic, anyone can use them in their army. Check out the Advance Order section to see the new additions in full.