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New Starter Set Available To Order And Rules Supplement in PDF For Black Powder

Warlord Games has a pair of news stories pertaining to Black Powder, their miniatures war game set in the 16th and 17th centuries. The first is that Rebellion!, their American Revolution supplement, is now available in .pdf form. The other is that they are taking pre-orders for a new starter set based on the battle of Waterloo.


Along with the .pdf being available, the article brings in author Steve Jones to talk about his experiences while writing it. He goes from meeting with the Warlord Games team all the way through his design philosophy for the various units in the book. It's an interesting read if you're wanting a bit more background into why things ended up the way they did.


As for the Waterloo starter, it gives you and a friend everything you need to get started. It's apparently a morning for 2-player starters. Anyway, you get enough French and British troops, as well as support and command, to replay one of the most famous battles in world history. Order now and get a free .pdf of the full Black Powder rulebook.

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