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New Starter Boxes for Demigods Evolution Added to Kickstarter Campaign

The fellows over at Demigods Rising want to make sure you get all the figures you want right away in their Demigods Evolution Kickstarter campaign. As such, they've got a new pledge level where they've created two new starter sets. They've done their best to give you a good variety of minis and all the little tokens you might need to use them.

You have your choice between either Warlord vs. Protector or Tactician vs. Illusionist, depending on what you (and possibly a friend) want to try out. There are 12 figures in each, along with the rulebook, 2 demigod cards, 10 hero cards, 8 reference cards, 20 item cards, 12 obstacles, 50hp tokens, 12 cooldown tokens, 12 move tokens, 6 attack links, 24 dice, 46 buff/debuff tokens, and 6 game board tiles.

The campaign is over their funding goal and still has 20 days left on the clock.