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New Star Wars Playmats from Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the release of two new play mats for X-Wing (and Armada, for that matter). There's one that's a pretty standard-looking star field. Though the other lets you feel like you're fighting the battle of Yavin, with the Death Star just below and the gas giant planet in the background.


From the announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce two new playmats for X-Wing™!

With the new X-Wing Playmats, available via Fantasy Flight’s In-House Manufacturing, you can set your interstellar dogfights firmly in the Star Wars universe, bringing even more thematic gameplay to your X-Wing games. Two different playmat designs allow you to evoke the vastness of space in your X-Wing matches as fly your ships above the Death Star orbiting Yavin 4 or take your battles to an open starfield.