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New squad, tank and decals available to pre-order from Dream Pod 9

Dream Pod 9 is taking down names of those that want their upcoming Visioth battle tank, Southern Military Police Cadre and Decals set that they're coming out with soon.

From the announcement:

Dream Pod 9 is currently taking pre orders on their online store
( for:

Southern Military Police Cadre
(2 Black Mamba MPs, 2 Iguana MPs, and 1 Cobra MP Gear pewter miniatures and extra parts.) $49.95 USD This product will phase out the MP Shields Five Pack (DP9-9164)
Southern Visioth Main Battle Tank (DP9-9292, 29.95 USD)
Southern MP Decals Pack (DP9-9289, 6.75 USD)

All of these products are available for pre order and will ship Friday May 17th, 2013.