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New Spyglass Miniatures site and Monk figure

MonkSpyglass Miniatures is back with a new website and a new 28mm miniature release. From their announcement:
This is a rather small project at the moment and I don't really know where it's going. No grand plans just yet but I sculpted a nice Monk figure a few weeks ago and wanted to sell some. With my Eolith site stripped down to a goodbye message I needed to build a new one (or radically mess about with the old one).  While getting this planned I also found that the resin limited editions I produced of Barnaby the Monk, Kaylee the Wood Elf Sorceress and Lilith the Demoness had only had 50 of their edition of 100 sold. At the time I thought I'd give them a break for a while and then produce the rest later. And now seems later enough.
So, a new 28mm Monk and three figures that were originally produced by Spyglass. As the Eolith brand was largely associated with 54mm figures and I was making a new site anyway I decided to use the Spyglass name for the new site. I still have the domain name and I'd made a nice logo for my blog, Spyglass Asylum, and it took all of five minutes in photoshop to make a regular Spyglass version. A few hours of work later and I have a little website set up to sell a few nice things through. As said, no grand plans yet but I do have another 28mm figure nearly complete and a few other figs that I'd like to make so, for the moment, we'll just see how it all goes... Right now I have the four figures up for pre-order on the new site and they're currently being production cast and are due very soon. Sticking with resin by the way. It suits my business model and I think the quality of the casting is superb.